Flesh of Suns

by iluminado

supported by
Richard Wilhelm
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Richard Wilhelm the record is a fine testament to an infinite number of threads in the sonic fabric of the universe. lol

honestly though, the hard work shines through this record. amazing stuff, proud to know you Lil fellas Favorite track: Comet Tails.
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released May 19, 2015

iluminado is
Garrett Botkins
Steven Jackson
Bill Collins
Ben Brandhorst
Alex Pace

Recorded and Mixed by Ben Romsdahl

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland

Album Art by Ben Rabinoff

Recorded May 2014 at Silo Sound Studios



all rights reserved


iluminado Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Sun's Blood
count all the stars as I wait for the sky to break open
she is cutting through the flesh of suns
stitching constellations

when the leeches suck out all our blood
vaccinations end up in the dirt

If I fall asleep tonight
my dreams will show your arrival
with alloys crashing into the ground

she'll find a way back to me
this planet's out to slaughter
but she'll get here right in time
while they're amputating orbits
and leaving suns to die
Track Name: Fire Rainbow
the dust was singing a dissonant harmony
with the screaming sun
the seranade of the blue and white sky
is drowned in noise

oh, my holy observatory, my only drug
the sound of a black hole from years ago
my lullaby
Track Name: Anechoic Desert
I've stayed up for so long
Just like you asked
When i'm all alone
This house makes horrible sounds

Sharp hisses and cracks
Hear them so clearly
telling me "Go into the dark,
burn what you can't sell..."

I try to keep my eyes from closing
I'll never be a slave to wither
Just follow the ashes
and maybe you'll find me
Track Name: Guilty Moon
Put your problems into the ground.
Modern solutions are too easy.
Bury your superiors, move on,
place the old world in a tomb.

open jaws don't decay
once they've been fed so well
stomaches full of blood
will always have an apetite

Cities built on sewers
Social insects try to forget
but hive minds never sleep

Crack their bones when we get home
leave the dogs so fucking cold

Boar the skulls of those on thrones
Load your guns
We're coming home
Track Name: Comet Tails
blank sky
the moon is crumbling
a blind eye
burning out of time and humming
familiar inclines
the beautiful collapse

I tried to keep my eyes from closing
I'll always be a slave to Wither

Oh, my holy observatory will burn to the ground
but it's raining ashes
they're a chorus of angels
and they sing for me
Track Name: Nebulous
This world will scream a cacophony for eternity
Rivers will howl in canyons buried under cold moans
No rest will come to those who suffered on this day
Ash in the wind will fuel the song of haunting storm
This ominous presence of all that ever was,
shadows of what could have been

Because everything and everyone
wants to go home
and everything burns
and everyone will still be looking when it's done
Track Name: Through Clouds and Machines
Head for high ground
Maybe up here
We'll be the first to asphyxiate

They're boiling the seas
They're burning the mistakes that we've made
They're killing all the foxes in their name
They're boiling the seas
Burning all the mistakes they made
Killing the dogs in our name

Cleansed ground
creating to destroy
over and over again
new earth
they wanted paradise but instead
a warm, lonely corpse

This planet's out to slaughter
But you won't feel a thing
With ashes in your mouth and lungs,
It's hard to scream

(Behind the clouds and machines
I know you're still out there
Behind the fire
You're just waiting)
Track Name: Vultures
Cracks in the sky begin to spread
and the monsters outside have gotten in
here at the end all that i can think of
the words from you, your eyes on me

But the worlds still burning
Red crescendos
Ash covered chords
Dissonant world
Although this song is all I can hear
I will still scream at these clouds and machines

Watch as they carve circles in the sky
The orbiting drills burn away the night
and as I cry this planet sings its song
That's how I know that you're not listening